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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great Money Conspiracy Film

Aaron Russo has put together the most articulate explanation of the money conspiracy I have seen so far. The video is one hour and forty-nine minutes. He explains how the United States and the rest of the world has been systematically moved to a place of slavery by the FED and the IRS.
Russo died of bladder cancer on August 24, 2007, at age 64.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New American Dollar

The United States is considering a new design for their currency to better reflect these economic times.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to Stop the Next Depression

This is the best explanation of the Monetary System I have ever seen. The documentary is three and a half hours long. It explains the historical events that have led to the present financial crisis. The film maker explains how to protect ourselves from the effects of a depression and even more astounding; what could be done right now to prevent it.
What I find most intriguing about the film is that he made it before 2000. He anticipates the events of 911 and especially the current financial crisis. I hope Barak Obama has seen this film.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Who Took This Moon Photo?

I have lots of questions about the moon landings. There are many things that just don't add up in my mind. But to me it is very important that check these things out for ourselves, as much as possible.
This photo has been used as evidence that the moon missions are a hoax. I am a big believer in checking things out for myself. So let's have a look together, at the image.The argument that is made is that Neil Armstrong didn't take this photo. You see that black image just to the left of center? Proponents of the conspiracy theory say that this is a photographer who was kneeling in front of Aldrin and took this photo.I'm not sure if Armstrong could have taken this photo from so far away. But as for the photographer in black; that looks like Aldrin's own shadow. I think the mystery of the third man in the photo is that it is not a man at all, and certainly not a crouching photographer. This image is an elongated shadow.